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June 16, 2011

Saboten Con announces Johnny Yong Bosh, Rueben Langdon, and more

Phoenix, ARIZONA (June 16th, 2011) - Saboten Con has announced its first group of guests to attend this year's convention. Guests include Johnny Yong Bosh, Rueben Langdon, Sam Riegel, and Troy Baker.

Johnny Yong Bosh will make his second appearance to Saboten Con. Bosh made his debut fighting giant bugs as Adam Park, the Black Power Ranger on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". He has appeared in over 200 episodes, two motion pictures, and has made two special guest appearances in later Power Rangers seasons.

After Power Rangers, Bosh became very involved in voice acting work for various anime titles; usually landing the lead role. His first major voice acting role was Vash the Stampede in "Trigun". He later did voices of Kaneda in "Akira", Renton in "Eureka Seven", Claus in "Last Exile', Clair in "Heat Guy J", and Sakaki in "Witch Hunter Robin". Aside from acting and directing Johnny has an alternative rock band called Eyeshine.

Rueben Langdon will make his first appearance to Saboten Con. Reuben Christopher Langdon is an American stunt actor, motion capture actor, actor, martial artist and voice actor for various martial arts films, television shows, and video games. He is a co-founder, producer and action director for Just Cause Productions, a motion capture company for various video games. Langdon is also a member of Californian martial art stunt team ZeroGravity.

Langdon's best-known role to date is that of Dante from the "Devil May Cry" video game series in which he performs both the voice and motion capture for Dante in "Devil May Cry 3" and 4. Langdon also provided Dante's English voice in the animated television series adaptation of "Devil May Cry" (although he is credited as 'Justin Cause'). He has provided motion capture for the video games "Resident Evil 5", "Resident Evil Code: Veronica" and "Dead Rising".

Sam Riegel will also make his first appearance at Saboten Con this year. Samuel Brent Oscar "Sam" Riegel is a voice actor, writer and director who appears in many television cartoons, anime, and video games. He began as a child actor in theater in Virginia, and moved to New York City to perform in Broadway and off-Broadway shows. After graduating from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, he returned to New York to begin his voice-acting career.

Riegel is best known as the voice of Donatello on the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon series, Starscream in the 'Transformers: War for Cybertron" game, Shirou Emiya in "Fate/Stay Night", Jiro in 'Blue Dragon", and Minoru in "Lucky Star". Between acting gigs, Sam has written scripts for "Naruto", "Bleach", "Kekkaishi", and video games including "ModNation Racers". He has also voice directed and played voices for several major video game releases, among them the smash hit "Fallout: New Vegas".

Troy Baker will make Saboten Con his second appearance to an Arizona convention. A native of Dallas, Texas, Baker, once the lead singer for "Tripp Fontaine" (FMPM/Universal), first began working as an actor in TV and Radio commercials. He quickly became a mainstay voice actor of the Anime community with such roles as Frank Archer in "Full Metal Alchemist", Greed in "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood", Abel Nightroad in "Trinity Blood", Gennosuke in "Basilisk", Schneizel in "Code Geass", and Action Bastard in "Shin Chan". Baker can also be heard in lead roles for video game titles such as Darksiders, Final Fantasy 13, Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Persona 4, and many others.

As an actor, Troy Baker has excelled in the on camera industry. He has starred alongside Val Kilmer ("Tombstone"), Karl Urban ("Star Trek"), Steve Zahn ("That Thingy You Do!"), Elizabeth Banks ("W"), Glenn Morshower ("24"), and Lou Diamond Phillips ("La Bamba"). He was also the host and co-producer for the hit reality TV show "Road Rage", which spotlighted pop culture conventions around the country.

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About Saboten Con
Saboten Con is a three-day anime convention held in Arizona. This will be our 4th year as the largest Anime Convention in Arizona. Our goal this year is to build on all the amazing previous years with more exciting programming, more guests, and more things to do. For more information or register, visit www.sabotencon.com

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