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February 7, 2011

PortConMaine announces college scholarship to be awarded for 2011

PortConMaine announces a $500 scholarship to be awarded before the Cosplay on Saturday, June 25th to one of the college bound or college enrolled PortConMaine community members! Staff and attendees are invited to apply by the June 1st deadline-- applications will be reviewed and read anonymously by a panel of assorted judges and one member of PortConMaine 2011 will receive an extra $500 to help with their Fall 2011 college bills! Good luck!

The winner will be notified confidentially via email, address and/or phone by June 15th so that attendance to the award ceremony occurs. PortConMaine reserves the right to potentially read the winning essay at the ceremony. Incomplete applications will be ignored. Repeat applications from previous winners will be disqualified. One application per person, submitted postmarked by June 1st.

Submission Form Link:

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