Rocket City FurMeet 2014 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Rocket City FurMeet 2014

Rocket City FurMeet 2014

June 13-15, 2014

Amberley Suite Hotel
Decatur, AL

Furry Convention

We know that people have been waiting to hear news about RCFM 2014. My apologies for not saying something sooner, but we've been discussing alternatives for this year and trying to make the convention happen - despite some really bad news. Unfortunately, it looks as though RCFM is going to be cancelled once again.
The hotel in Decatur that we were going to be at had a pipe freeze and break back in January. The flooding practically destroyed a large part of the hotel building, and they won't re-open until sometime this summer. WE just learned about this 4 weeks ago, because they did not tell us about this problem when it happened. They DID, however, shut off their room reservations system. Which we were also not informed of, though it's apparently caused some confusion for quite a few people. Naturally we asked for our (hefty) deposit back and cancelled the contract... and we've spent the past month discussing possibilities, such as campgrounds or renting an unconventional arena space, but we've been unable to come up with some way to host RCFM this year.
We've also spent the past two weeks discussing the idea that maybe we should end RCFM for good, closing the corporate entity, cancelling our 501(c)7 filing, and just fade into the night never to be seen again. I don't like the idea of never bringing the whole Family back together again, but two years of constant struggle simply to find a hotel we can afford has been very tiring on all of the Staff involved.
This issue is not actually settled yet. The poll results (regarding an end to the convention) have been conflicting and those who have passion to continue RCFM are finding their voice, whereas those of us who are worn out from dealing with the hotel issue aren't saying much at all. The campground idea is still on the table, as is the idea of completely starting over with a new name. We've even considered merging with the Birmingham Furs and moving about 100 miles South, but so far we still lack a truly good idea that would allow us to believe that RCFM will continue.
My biggest regret in all this is that we had to tell Rick Griffin for the second time that we would be unable to host the convention at which he was to be Guest of Honor. He is a genuinely nice guy, a popular and talented artist, and he deserves much better than to have been let down yet again.
Actually, we've all been let down. Yet again. And this time it wasn't some unexpected hotel politics, it was simply an act of Nature. Though it WOULD have been nice if we'd known about it sooner, so we could have posted this information two months ago instead of now. I speak for all of the hard-working Staff when I say that we sincerely regret causing any problems or confusion for anyone who was making plans to be here with us this year. If there's any way we could make RCFM happen this year... we haven't found that way yet. And we've certainly been trying to find a way.
We have our memories of years past and new friends made, those people who you now talk to almost every day that you met when you went to that fun and informal little convention in Huntsville. We are still the RCFM Family, no matter where you are in the world or what you're doing today. We still would like to come together for yet another Family Reunion (hopeful name for RCFM 11?), but if we do come together for another RCFM... we do not yet know how or when we will be able to make that happen.
Thank you to everyone who has ever been here with us, everyone who has ever made such good memories at the convention possible, and everyone who has ever done their part - however large or small - to make RCFM the wonderfully good Family that we have become. Thank you so much for making all of our lives that little bit better. I sincerely hope we get together again some day, to make new friends, new memories, new Family.


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