Furtastic 2021 Information

Furtastic 2021

Furtastic 2021

July 5-8, 2021

Grenå, Denmark

Furry Convention

This year, we celebrate birthdays, and this is Furtastic's 10'th year running! We've got balloons, cake and all kinds of adventures prepared for all the lovely people who're coming to this years con! Furtastic happens in the second week of July, this year.

With that out of the way, we can't wait to pull you into a world of colour and fur once again, and let Ottie and his friends take you on adventures and thrills this year. Last year was our first at our new venue, and it has been nothing but amazing! With all the added space, the sleeping quarters being separated and our awesome gaming room, which saw a lot of use, we can't wait to spruce things up to new heights!

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