Eurofurence 2020 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Eurofurence 2020

Eurofurence 2020

August 19-23, 2020

Estrel Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Furry Convention

"Ah, land! After so much time at sea, you were beginning to doubt if you'd ever be finding that mysterious, hidden island where the old maps said creatures of many shapes and sizes come to be together. You've spent many a sleepless night reading the stories of other explorers... You hurriedly offboard the ship, breathing in the sweet tropical air rich with promises."

Eurofurence is an annual celebration of anthropomorphic animals. We are a varied group of performers, inventors, writers, artists and everything in between gathered in the Estrel hotel in Berlin for an exploration and exchange of thoughts. Brought together by our love of anything anthropomorphic, Eurofurence gives us a common platform to kick back and relax amongst like-minded people.

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Advance Rates
90€ through February 1, 2020
100€ through April 1, 2020
125€ through August 19, 2020


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