FinFur Animus 2019 Information

FinFur Animus 2019

FinFur Animus 2019

October 10-13, 2019

Gustavelund Hotel & Restaurant
Tuusula, Finland

Furry Convention

Balto-Fennic iron age, that mythical era of heroics!

The smith who secrets of iron had known, was then truly a man of renown. Inhabited was only the shoreland, warriors equipped with an iron band. Soothsayers matched up in competitive singing, warriors by swords swinging. Craftiest got the favor of the maid, to whom many suitors attention paid. The skilled new songs for kantele thought, some unsavory also revenge sought. Bravest rage of the underworld felt, mages hung charms on their power belt.

All pursuits and categories of critters - mages, warriors, smith-artificers, villains, farmers and shepherds, villagers and fair maidens, lords and ladies gather at Gustavelund in Tuusula 10.-13.10.2019.

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