Argentina FurFiesta 2019 Information

Argentina FurFiesta 2019

Argentina FurFiesta 2019

June 28-30, 2019

Hotel Castelar
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Furry Convention

Welcome to ArFF: Saga, an epic venture in which you are the main character of this story. The objective? Stop the darkness, expel the bad one and not letting the eclipse turn off the sun forever.

During these three days, the Hotel Castelar in the City of Buenos Aires will turn into a bastion of resistance where we will train, have fun and fight the enemy. It will be an incredible adventure, unique and exciting.

ArFF: Saga is an RPG like you've never played before, it is also a tribute to those great titles that are within the hearts and history of everyone who has ever played something of this genre either on PC or console.

So there is enough time to clean your inventory of garbage, concoct the potions you might need, buy equipment or visit the temple to receive a blessing before starting the long road towards the gathering.

Here we will wait for you with a ton of quests to fulfill, a mountain of stats to increase and we will assure you that LAG its not going to be a problem, because this MMO doesn't need internet, it needs YOU having a great time with friends.

In June 2019 the story begins! Are you going to miss it?

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$38 through March 31, 2019

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