WUFF 2019 Information

This event has been cancelled.

WUFF 2019

WUFF 2019

May 7-11, 2019

Platium Spa & Resort
Kiev, Ukraine

Furry Convention

We have an important announcement for all of you - we have decided to postpone WUFF till 2020.

It is a tough decision, but we are making it to protect all of you from difficulties you may encounter on the country borders.

We want all of you to feel comfortable and relaxed at the convention, but current situation, sadly, is very tense and mass media makes it even worse. We apologize to all of you, who already planned their trips and prepared to have lots of fun at WUFF 2019, but there are some things which are out of our reach.

We will continue to work really hard to make WUFF happen in May 2020 and hope that situation in the country will stabilize by then.

If you will have any questions, please, send us an email or contact us in social networks.

And don't forget to check news and updates!

We hope to see all of you in May, 2020!


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